Meet Dr. Kat

FUNCTIONING isn’t the same as LIVING.

Dr. Kat has a simple philosophy for her life and healthcare business embodied in her tagline – “Fixing people before they are conceived.” Dr. Kat suffered her own injury while studying psychology in college, and through this journey she was exposed to chiropractic care which changed the trajectory of her health and well-being. This led her to share and help others experience true health and vitality. Through specialty training, Dr. Kat now focuses on transforming the lives of individuals and families around the globe. Locally you can find her in her collaborative clinic at the Kadin Family Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic.

Why Rockville, Maryland? Dr. Kat moved to this location to be closer to an international airport to stay connected with her origins. She speaks French as her first language, and she has lived in multiple countries and throughout the U.S. eastern seaboard. Her history of globe-trotting has influenced Dr. Kat to search the world over for the most cutting-edge training and technologies in order to help her patients on their healthcare journeys.

After twenty-three years within the chiropractic field, as well as brain-based pediatric healthcare, Dr. Kat looks at every condition through the lens of the nervous system and the 6T’s – trauma, toxins, thoughts, technology, tethers and terrain. This sounds like a lot at first glance, yet it is really quite simple and elegant as the key focus on the brain and nervous system is how we regulate or do not regulate. This regulation is how each of us finds balance with so many moving parts in our bodies and environments.

Advanced trainings include:

  • Webster Technique
  • Advanced Pediatric Diplomate
  • Functional Nutrition Alliance
  • Cranial and Dynamic Body Balancing
  • IFM – – Functional Medicine
  • Functional Neuro Development
  • FOCUS Certification
  • TOTS Training Certification

Dr. Kat enjoys collaborating with a variety of specialty practitioners. Working in a collaborative environment with Natural Dentist allows Dr. Kat to offer the unique clinical assessments including Airway work – an often overlooked root cause to myriads of conditions. Her assessments and approach are laser focused on getting to the root cause of dysfunction with a focus on preventing disease. She has a special passion for her pediatric patients.

Dr. Kat lives what she teaches! She birthed two beautiful sons after five years of infertility. The boys were conceived naturally, with distinct differences within their births, and her children are an expression of her natural approaches to life and health. She is a committed mom who homeschools her children and focuses on teaching them all of her own interests and passions (i.e. traveling, calligraphy, reading, faith and family, personal development, and partnering with nutritional companies focused on biohacking the body with optimal nutrition.)

It’s no wonder Dr. Kat has received numerous awards and acknowledgments throughout the chiropractic and pediatric professions. Let Dr. Kat help transform your child’s life with the tools she is eager to share with you. Click here to schedule an appointment!


My passion is helping sick kids before they are born. The way to do that is by helping Mama get healthy. Simply put, I fix people before they are conceived.


  • If I have a sick child, I probably have a sick Mom.
  • The good news?
  • The body is resilient.
  • We are innately resilient.
  • You can heal and I hope I’m the person to help.
  • I utilize chiropractic, lab testing, activation, and am willing to co-manage.