I’ve been going to Dr. Kat for chiropractic care since my first pregnancy where I was in so much pain in my third trimester I could barely walk and my baby was breech. Within two visits the pain was gone. Dr. Kat is excellent at the Webster method, a safe chiropractic care for pregnant mamas that helps align your pelvis for optimal baby positioning. I saw her from the beginning of my second pregnancy and what a difference! I have also worked with her on holistic wellness and I believe it got my second pregnancy off to a great start. It maintained my health throughout the pregnancy after having a number of complications with my first. My second pregnancy resulted in a VBAC and I believe the care I received at Kadin Family Chiropractic – not just physical but also the encouraging emotional support – helped lead to an empowering second birth experience. I cannot recommend Dr. Kat enough for pregnant mamas or for anyone looking to maximize their wellness. On top of her excellent care, her front desk staff are truly helpful, kind and a real pleasure to work with.

Jordanna M

I love this place with all of my heart. everybody there is so kind and helpful. they do their job so well and they’re the perfect mix of gentle while still getting the job done and being enough. when you’re there it doesn’t feel like you’re going to a doctor, it almost feels like you’re visiting a friends house, like somewhere comfortable and nice. it’s such a homey place and you can pick up on that the second you walk in, whether it’s from the people, how it’s decorated or the ambiance of the whole place. they help with so many people, whether it’s young kids, older kids, adults, pregnant women, anybody. when my mom tells me that I’m going to dr. Kadin’s I get genuinely excited. simply just being there can make me feel better. I’ve been battling my issues for so long and they’re the first people who really give me hope that I’ll be okay. thank you dr. Kadin 🙂 <3

Serra S

I never had an evaluation this thorough. As a health care practitioner myself this means a lot. I love her natural approach and whole body care.

Brigitte H

I went to Dr Kat when I was 20 weeks pregnant. She soon became indispensable for my pain management and proved to be even more helpful and supportive for postpartum care. My baby is also being adjusted on a regular basis and truly enjoys it: she even coos and sings after her sessions:) Dr Kat is very invested in her patients’ well being, she is thorough in her care, follows up with other practitioners that might assist with different issues. Kayla at her front desk is also very kind and helpful so just go and see for yourself, you won’t regret it.

Souleyma H

Kadin Family Chiropractic is wonderful. I started seeing Dr Kat at 35 weeks when my 3rd baby was breech. She took the time to really listen and analyze what was going on with my body and was able to help me turn my babe head down by 37 weeks. She is a great communicator and her wait times are very short. I consider her a friend at this point and am so thankful I met her. She doesn’t take insurance which I was hesitant about at first but it’s so incredibly worth the value you will receive from her vs other Chiropractors. She is so skilled, kind, and just a good person all around.

Erin F

Amazing and caring chiropractor with so much more to offer than just excellent manipulation!!

Kristen R

I started seeing Dr. Kat during my 28th week of pregnancy. I was experiencing really bad pelvic pain, butt pain, back pain..you name it. I must have been out of alignment after my first pregnancy because after visiting Dr. Kat, the pain was nearly gone. Not only was my pain nearly gone, but I also credit my ridiculously fast labor to these visits. I was so aligned, that my baby literally popped out 10 minutes after arriving to the hospital, 2 hours after I woke up with contractions. My first pregnancy was quite the opposite! I would recommend anyone, even if you’re not pregnant, to see Dr. Kat. She and Dr. Brit are heaven sent 🙂

Carla M

Dr. Kat is amazing! She is truly a family doctor! I have been taking my teenage daughters to see her since they were pre-school age. Her gentle care has helped me manage my sinus troubles, which have plagued me since I was young. I think in all the years I’ve been seeing her, I’ve only had one sinus infection – and that was when I had not seen her for several weeks. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Kat – she is more than just a chiropractor, she is a WELLNESS practitioner.

Shannon H

I don’t normally write reviews but Dr. Kat is amazing!! The office is very well-kept, clean and organized. There is a wonderful corner with toys and books for young children, which is a life saver if you have to bring your 3 year old with you. I went to see her because my baby was breech at 37 weeks of pregnancy. Despite the fact that she was going out of town a week later, she managed to squeeze me in for 3 appointments that week since I was so far along. She even came in on a day off just to see me! I was both surprised and pleased that she was so accommodating. She is very thorough and obviously experienced with a down to earth personality and a positive, calming manner. She seemed as intent and hopeful about flipping this baby as I was! You can tell she cares about her patients, even going so far as to keep in touch with them and check on them in between appointments. Thankfully, with her help, my baby flipped at almost 38 weeks. And even if she hadn’t, I would still recommend Dr. Kat! I plan on continuing to see her after I give birth on a regular basis. So if you need a chiropractor for anything, definitely come see Dr. Kat

Sommer A

Dr. Kat is a lifesaver. Her wealth of knowledge about the body, nutrition, and overall well-being is invaluable and refreshing. I was skeptical at first. However, she made me a believer immediately. You learn after being given an endless list of medicine from traditional doctors for the most simple of things, that’s it may not be the best thing for your health. It’s amazing how a knowledgeable chiropractor can do for the overall well being of the body and mind. My entire family is seen by her and it’s truly worthwhile. Love that her office is kid-friendly. Big Help…

Kimberly C

I was 37 weeks pregnant and was referred to Kadin Family Chiropractic because my baby was breech. I was skeptical that chiropractic care could help me or my baby. I’m so happy I kept an open mind because after one adjustment I could feel the difference. My “normal pregnancy pains” didn’t seem so bad anymore. After my second adjustment my baby had flipped head down. I was truly amazed how much better I felt in just a weeks time. I highly recommend chiropractic care to anyone experiencing similar symptoms, especially us pregnant mommies. It’s worth every penny and so much more valuable than going to a spa for a massage.

Jessica M
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