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Joy Hawk

Integrative Health Coach and Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner 

I'm a Mom to three kids, and recovering from breast implant illness. My first two babies are a product of IVF. My 3rd child was conceived naturally and a VBA2C. I personally struggled with IBS, endometriosis, ADD, depression, anxiety and acne from a very young age. After struggling with infertility and gaining 85 lbs with my first pregnancy, I realized I needed some help around body image issues. It was there I realized health was my priority.

When my eldest daughter was born at 6 lbs, we were told she possibly had "failure to thrive." Whatever that means. She was extremely shy and anxious, had severe eczema that landed her in the ER twice, had constant stomach aches, sleep issues and was often sick with strep, ear infections, croup and colds.

It is because of her that I threw myself into learning everything I could about feeding children, nutrition, and health. I went to doctor after doctor and they all told me her issues were normal and she would grow out of it.

Deep down, I knew there was something going on and was determined to find the answer. SHE IS MY WHY. I did everything "wrong" with her, but you cannot do better when you don't know better. She tells me she is my practice child.

I enrolled in nutrition school. I went to ten day long seminars. I changed pediatricians. I experimented with her diet. When my second child was born, I did things a little differently. By the time my third was born, I had gone over the top into crunchy Mama mode.

"We" removed almost all environmental toxins from the house. I made baby formula from scratch and drove myself to adrenal fatigue with a nursing/pumping/homemade food making schedule because my daughter was also on GAPS. I made bone broth, granola bars from scratch, ground my own flour, made my own yogurt, dehydrated kale chips, sprouted and soaked grains and nuts, and fermented things.

In my effort to fix our health with food, I made myself sick. And I was missing out on so much of what I had fought for because I spent all my time in the kitchen. I had no balance and lost sight of some of the bigger and more important things in life.

So now I do the best I can to straddle both worlds. Optimal nutrition is still a core value of mine and I'm passionate about teaching it to others who want to learn. However, I struggle with finding balance just like any other Mama of three...the balance of spending time with my kids and husband and still finding the "me" time an introvert requires. The balance of eating a whole foods, gluten-free diet (I really should be egg and dairy free but that doesn't always work out) while being on the run with three kids. The balance of my own self care, caring for my kids, and earning an income.

They say are greatest pains are our biggest teacher.  I’m honored to use the lessons I’ve learned as guidance to help others avoid similar struggles.

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